About Chi Le Ma

27 Jan

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗)? It literally means “Have you eaten” in Chinese. However, I am not actually caring about your stomach, but just wondering “How are you”.

Haha, is this interesting? Yes, eating is an important culture in China. Language in China is also like a huge swimming pool in which you can never find an edge once you jump in it.

If you have interests in Chinese culture, you don’t need to spend months on applying for a visa, suffering from learning the daily conversation, preparing to fight against the terrible weather in Beijing. There are a lot of good places around you where you can go to experience these culture. Yes, they are the Chinese communities in Boston.

Chi Le Ma will take you to have a closer look at these communities, to know the people who have lived there for a long time, to watch the activities people use to celebrate their traditional festivals, and to taste the food with the authentic Chinese flavor.


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