Are you ready for the Girls’ Day?

27 Mar

76c3809cjw1dqr2cxhczdjEvery year the day before Women’s Day (March 8th) is girls’ happiest day, Girls’ Day, though it is not an official festival.

Girls’ Day can be traced back to 1990s, and it became very popular among Chinese universities. In fact, adult females all can celebrate the Women’s Day. But in China, the word of women (Funv) sounds like the females who have been married. Therefore, college girls want to celebrate a day that owned by themselves. Although the specific date of the Girls’ Day may change school by school, a common date is March 7th, the day before the Women’s Day.

On that day, all the girls are the queens. It is not a day fo them to fight against growing up, but to try to maintain girls’ naivety and energy while admiring maturity.

There is a variety of activities in different universities, which are always organized by their own colleges. Some of them are pretty romantic. Singing love songs under girls’ dormitory building is one of them, and this usually lasts for hours in the evening. Of course, they are not professional singers, so it may turn into noises sometimes, though the intention is precious.

Slogans are another way to celebrate the festival and it has become a competition among the colleges. One bold slogan I can still remember is that “No matter whose bride you will be, you are always our girls.” In some colleges, such as engineering or physics, there are always only a few girls, even only one girl. So their names usually will appear in the slogans, and it is an enviable thing for the girls in the colleges of liberal arts.

The sweetest gift one of my friend received on Girls’ Day was the bike cleaning activity. She remembers that all the boys of their college just woke up early and cleaned the bikes for all the girls of their college. When the girls went downstairs, they were just so surprised that all the bikes were like the new ones and there were pink balloons tying on the handlebars.

The 2013 Girls’ Day is coming! Are you ready for it ?



Girls’ Day action of Computer Science College at Tsinghua University

(only have Chinese version, sorry^_^)


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