Just Becase of Love: Boston Beijing Opera Association

27 Mar

Huiyuan Zhu, a Boston constructer, wears makeup and Xifu, the Peking Opera costumes, and sings an episode of the legend of the White Snake as the Chinese New Year blessing to the present audience on the Feb. 16 Beijing and Tianjin Spring Festival Celebration.

Zhu, one member of the Boston Beijing Opera Association, cannot remember how many celebrations he has been with the other members during the Spring Festival season. This time is obviously not the biggest performance Zhu has been on, but for him it is as important as all the other ones.

Zhu was born in Tianjin, China in 1963, and came to Boston in 1996. “I have been loving Beijing opera since I was a child,” Zhu says. The model operas, which were very popular during the Cultural Revolution between 1965 and 1975, were Zhu’s favorit. He usually sang along at home during the leisure time. But now he can share the feelings with the other members of the association.

The Boston Beijing Opera Association was founded in 2007 by Weishan Liu, a former performer of Shanxi Peking Opera Theatre. Above 20 Peking opera lovers have joined the association, and they have hold the annual public performance since 2008. Although they sell tickets, the low price of the tickets even cannot cover the rental fee of the theatres, let alone the money they spend on the exquisite costumes. “We just love singing Peking operas,” Liu says, “and we want to give the best performance for the Boston Peking Opera lovers.”



An episode of BBOA 4th Annual Public Performance


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