Learning Chinese in America:a way to find cultural identity as well as an investment

27 Mar

As the number of Chinese population grows quickly in America, there is an increasingly larger demand for Chinese language schools. In Greater Boston, there are at least 20 community Chinese language schools with about 40,000 students.

Parents found and manage these schools. They also work as teachers there. Students usually don’t like to go because these courses cost their weekends during which they may just want to play with other friends or play games at home. In addtion, they don’t think the language is useful for them since most times they speak English. For parents, however, they think it is not only a way to communicate with their children, but also a way for children to inherit their culture. Another important reason is parents’ precaution for their children’s career development. When children grow up, some of them become loving this language and really appreciate the experience.


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