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To truly experience Chinese cuisine by using chopsticks

1 Apr

If you don’t specially ask for a pair of chopsticks, a lot of Chinese restaurants in America will only offer you forks and spoons. Although you can enjoy the delicious with the help of these tools, you will never experience the authentic taste of eating Chinese food without using chopsticks, because it is an important part of eating culture in China. Using chopsticks needs the cooperation of your fingers and it is not easy for beginners. In fact, Chinese are not born to know how to use chopsticks, and they also need practice. There are some tips that teaches you how to use chopsticks. Maybe next time when you go to a Chinese restaurant, you can ask for a pair of chopsticks proudly.



You Are The One

27 Mar

Are you interested in Chinese blind date? You Are The One will let you have a glance at Chinese blind date, and this TV program is very popular among Chinese, both in mainland China and overseas Chinese communities.

support English caption, just click”cc” and choose the language you want

To see more episodes of this TV program


Qingming Festival

27 Mar

Qingming Festival, also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice. It usually occurs around April 4 or 5.

Chinese Dress: Qipao

27 Mar

By , Guide


Maggie Cheung wears Qipao in the film of In the Mood for Love

Qipao or cheongsam (旗袍) are one-piece Chinese dresses that have been worn since the Manchu ruled China in the 17th century.

What Does a Qipao Look Like?

The original qipao was wide and baggy. The one-piece dress featured a high neck and straight skirt. It covered all of a woman’s body except for her head, hands, and toes. The qipao was traditionally made of silk and featured intricate embroidery.

The qipao worn today are modeled after ones made in Shanghai in the 1920s. The modern qipao is a one-piece, formfitting, floor length dress that has a high slit on one or both sides. Modern variations may have bell sleeves or be sleeveless and are made out of a variety of fabrics.

When Is a Qipao Worn?

In the 17th century, the qipao was worn nearly every day. Nowadays, the qipao is worn during formal occasions like weddings, parties, and beauty pageants. The qipao is also used as a uniform at restaurants, hotels, and on airplanes in Asia.

Who Came Up with the Design of the Qipao?

During Manchu rule, Nurhachi (努爾哈赤, Nǔ’ěrhāchì), a chieftan, established the Banner System, a structure for organizing all Manchu families into administrative divisions. The traditional dress that Manchu women wore became known as the qipao (旗袍, banner gown).

After 1636, all Han Chinese men in the banner system had to wear the male version of the qipao, chángpáo (長袍). In the 1920s in Shanghai, the dress was modernized and became popular among celebrities and the upper class. The dress became less popular when Communist rule began in 1949. The Shanghainese took the dress to Hong Kong where it remained popular in the 1950s with working women who often paired it with a jacket. An off-the-rack qipao can cost about $100 while tailor made ones can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To make yourself a Qipao

Are you ready for the Girls’ Day?

27 Mar

76c3809cjw1dqr2cxhczdjEvery year the day before Women’s Day (March 8th) is girls’ happiest day, Girls’ Day, though it is not an official festival.

Girls’ Day can be traced back to 1990s, and it became very popular among Chinese universities. In fact, adult females all can celebrate the Women’s Day. But in China, the word of women (Funv) sounds like the females who have been married. Therefore, college girls want to celebrate a day that owned by themselves. Although the specific date of the Girls’ Day may change school by school, a common date is March 7th, the day before the Women’s Day.

On that day, all the girls are the queens. It is not a day fo them to fight against growing up, but to try to maintain girls’ naivety and energy while admiring maturity.

There is a variety of activities in different universities, which are always organized by their own colleges. Some of them are pretty romantic. Singing love songs under girls’ dormitory building is one of them, and this usually lasts for hours in the evening. Of course, they are not professional singers, so it may turn into noises sometimes, though the intention is precious.

Slogans are another way to celebrate the festival and it has become a competition among the colleges. One bold slogan I can still remember is that “No matter whose bride you will be, you are always our girls.” In some colleges, such as engineering or physics, there are always only a few girls, even only one girl. So their names usually will appear in the slogans, and it is an enviable thing for the girls in the colleges of liberal arts.

The sweetest gift one of my friend received on Girls’ Day was the bike cleaning activity. She remembers that all the boys of their college just woke up early and cleaned the bikes for all the girls of their college. When the girls went downstairs, they were just so surprised that all the bikes were like the new ones and there were pink balloons tying on the handlebars.

The 2013 Girls’ Day is coming! Are you ready for it ?


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Lantern Festival: Another Valentine’s Day in February

27 Mar

The Lantern Festival, which is also known as Yuanxiao Festival or Shangyuan Festival, is on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year in the lunar calendar, the last day of the lunisolar Lunar New Year celebration. (Feb. 24 this year)

Since the day is the first night that one can see a full moon during the year, people go out to appreciate thousands of colorful lanterns hung in front of doors or on the streets, solve puzzles on lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls (yuanxiao), and enjoy the family reunion.

Besides the reunion meaning, the Lantern Festival has another meaning in ancient China: Valentine’s Day. Since women usually stayed at home in ancient times, the Lantern Festival was their uncommon chance to go out and know more people. A lot of romantic and beautiful love stories happened during that day. So it was known as the Valentine’s Day in ancient China.

Therefore, you can enjoy two Valentine’s Days in this February.

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My first New Year in Boston

27 Mar



Without fireworks and chopsticks, Chinese can still celebrate their spring festival, the Chinese New Year. On Feb. 02, 2013, Greater Boston Chinese Culture Association celebrated their new year in Sheraton, Framingham. Everyone is very busy because there is no the tradition of spring festival, but getting together, eating, talking and dancing are still an essential part for Chinese people overseas to celebrate the festival.

Although the atmosphere here is not as strong as that in China, people still want to sit together and prepare some performance to celebrate it. You can feel the passion through these performance and then you will know how important the Spring Festival is to Chinese people


World Pashion Show (most of our models are over 70s, some of them are near 90s

Six days before the coming of the 2013 Spring Festival, I decided to go outside and experience the atmostphere of the new year in Boston. The first place came to my mind is Chinatown. I think it should be the place full of the new year’s sense in a foreign country. I also planned several questions to ask people when I was taking the orange line. But when I got out of the T station, I was kind of disappointed. Everything was just like the usually except for the extremely cold and heavy wind that day. Then I told myself that it was not the center of Chinatown, and there must be much better.

Of course, I knew I was lying to myself. Like aunt Miranda told me the other day, people here are so busy that they don’t have time to prepare for the festival. The place is not big, and people just hurried to their destinations. I even could not stop a person to ask the questions I prepared on the train. Fine, I continued to walk along the streets and tried to find some signs of the new year. I watched carefully because I thought people would have pasted the new year scrolls on the windows or doors. Unfortunately, I only found one glass door which had an old new year scroll on it. “OK, maybe it is because all the buildings here are for business so people may have decorated their homes already,” I told myself and tried to find some stores that sells those stuff with the new year sense, such as the red envelops and scrolls. This time I was pretty lucky that I found one small store at a corner of the intersections of two streets.

“Can I take a picture of these?” I asked the owner. He, a 50s Chinese immigrants, turned his head, and said yes two seconds later. In fact, all the products about the new year only have four to five day’s life. “When the new year is over, no one will buy those things any more,” the owner says. According to the owner, who has been in America for over 2o years, celebrating the new year only means a better dinner with families because most people still have to work that day.


Feb. 10, 2013  The Sudden Storm, Good or Bad?

A sudden storm hit Boston through Friday to Saturday. Before the storm’s coming, a lot of schools and companies closed and people got a day off on Friday. The food storing on Thursday evening or Friday morning for Chinese people in Boston means not only a fighting with the storm, but an unexpected welfare to prepare for the Luner New Year on Feb. 10.



Although the snow stopped on Saturday afternoon, the influence did not stopped. Manlin Luo, a MIT researcher, planned to make dumplings with her children to celebrate the New Year. “But the strom blocked our way,” Luo says. They cancelled their celebration on Saturday afternoon and evening. Since this year’s Spring Festival is on weekend. A friend, who is studying in England, was planning to take a Friday flight to Boston, and spend the most important Chinese festival with his wife, who is pursuing a degree in America. However, all flights were cancelled on Friday. Now they can do nothing but waiting. My boyfriend and I planned to see this couple on Saturday and celebrate the new year with them. We have thought of the food and the entertainment for that evening. But now we can only stay at home and eat the food left in fridge.

The storm ruined a lot of people’s New Year Eve’s activities. But a good news is that the New Year’s celebration has not finished. In fact, the celebration will not stop until end of February. Because the following celebrations, such as  a series of New Year related festivals, have not come yet. Don’t be depressed, the new year celebration is still on.


Feb. 11, 2013

To know Chinese New Year through the beautiful sand art. It is really amazing!


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