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The Way Chinese Parents Love Their Children

27 Mar


“When I said, “don’t worry about it,” an American mother would likely not have perservered, but a Chinese mother, like my host mother, would most definitely have made the effort to find a way to assist the child’s needs.” This is one part of Marcus Larsen-Strecker’s story which he said at the Third Annual “Chinese Bridge” University Student Chinese Speech Contest.

This seems like my first time to hear others prasing the way Chinese parents love their children. The Chinese parenting style has always been a negative example since I began to remember things. “Spoil” has been an inevitable word when people speak of Chinese parenting. Even some people blame all the young people’s problems to the parenting way. Arranging everything for the chilren has become a simple explanation for Chinese parenting. However, the love Chinese parents give their children is far more than this. Like every coin has two sides, Chinese parenting way also has its advantages and disadvantages.

I still remember the story a Chinese father told me last year. Every sunday morning he washes his car, and then he will help his daughter wash her car. It has been a habit, and he never tells his daughter. Maybe his daughter still wonders why her car can always keep so clean. “Why don’t you let her to wash it herself?” I asked him, and he said that “I want to let her have more time to sleep since she works so hard everyday.” Yes, this is a typical Chinese parent, who an American parent will have a lot of questions while a Chinese parent will share the same value. If I was in a high school, I might think this was wrong since it took my chance to be independent. But now I will not. If you look at the parents’ eyes, and listen to their words, you will know they do these things with their heart. No matter others think it is good or bad, this is one part of Chinese cultural, the endless love parents give their children.


Culture Identity

27 Mar
Posted by Feb. 19, 2013

The Paper Menagerie

by Ken Liu

“The Paper Menagerie” is a science fiction which tells a story between a Chinese mother and her American-born son. The mother was a mail-order bribe from Hong Kong. As the son grows up, he becomes conscious of the prejudices of neighbors and classmates directed against his mother and himself, and he comes to resent his mother for tagging him as alien. But when his mother passed away, a collection of origami animals made by his mother when he was a child come to life and give him a message.

The fiction won not only the World Fantasy Award but also the Hugo and Nebula prizes in November, 2012.

To see the interview of the author

Listen to the story


US-SINO Difference

27 Mar

You may have a strong feeling that there is a large amount of differences between American and Chinese culture, but cannot tell them exactly. Check this video and see if the two specialists can help you.

Diversity in Boston

27 Mar

Four local leaders sit down together to discuss Boston’s progress on diversity and offer their insights on what the future may hold.

By Kenneth J. Cooper,

video link: a status check on diversity in Boston

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