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To truly experience Chinese cuisine by using chopsticks

1 Apr

If you don’t specially ask for a pair of chopsticks, a lot of Chinese restaurants in America will only offer you forks and spoons. Although you can enjoy the delicious with the help of these tools, you will never experience the authentic taste of eating Chinese food without using chopsticks, because it is an important part of eating culture in China. Using chopsticks needs the cooperation of your fingers and it is not easy for beginners. In fact, Chinese are not born to know how to use chopsticks, and they also need practice. There are some tips that teaches you how to use chopsticks. Maybe next time when you go to a Chinese restaurant, you can ask for a pair of chopsticks proudly.



Boston’s Chinatown

27 Mar

A Tour To Boston’s Chinatown

In the 1880s, the first Chinese immigrants arrived in Boston, pitching their tents in what is now known as “Ping On Alley.” Today Chinatown, nestled between Downtown Crossing and the South End, provides visitors with a variety of Asian culture.

Here are some links that help you learn more about the history of Boston’s Chinatown and the culture and delicious food you can enjoy there.

The history of Boston’s Chinatown;

The culture of Boston’s Chinatown;

The delicious food there.

And most importantly, how you can get there. O(∩_∩)O

Posed on March, 18, 2013

My Neighborhood: Boston, hosted by TV veteran and award-winning journalist Carmen Fields, is a six-part television series presenting strategies from The Boston Foundation that are successfully impacting neighborhoods throughout the city of Boston.

About Chi Le Ma

27 Jan

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗)? It literally means “Have you eaten” in Chinese. However, I am not actually caring about your stomach, but just wondering “How are you”.

Haha, is this interesting? Yes, eating is an important culture in China. Language in China is also like a huge swimming pool in which you can never find an edge once you jump in it.

If you have interests in Chinese culture, you don’t need to spend months on applying for a visa, suffering from learning the daily conversation, preparing to fight against the terrible weather in Beijing. There are a lot of good places around you where you can go to experience these culture. Yes, they are the Chinese communities in Boston.

Chi Le Ma will take you to have a closer look at these communities, to know the people who have lived there for a long time, to watch the activities people use to celebrate their traditional festivals, and to taste the food with the authentic Chinese flavor.

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