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Newspaper Ad Calls ABC to Fire Jimmy Kimmel

13 Nov

Some leaders of ABC should be responsible for this because they should know the power of media but still chose to broadcast this episode of the program. Otherwise they should be fired because they are not qualified to be the leader of media due to the ignorance of the knowledge of media.

Newspaper Ad Calls ABC to Fire Jimmy Kimmel.


Where To Go After Graduation

25 Apr


It is near the season of graduation again…


BU Student Lingzi Lu Still Missing after Watching 2013 Boston Marathon

16 Apr

This is a piece of news from Please help spread the information, or let us know if you have some information of this girl. Thank you very much!

By David Li,

Boston, April 16, 2013, — A warm and breezy spring afternoon turned into nightmare for two international students from China. Both female students are from Boston University, and wanted to cheer on the runners as they crossing the finish line. One of the students was seriously injuried by one of the bombs yesterday afternoon near Boston Marathon finish line, and is currently being treated at a local hospital. Lingzi Lu (pictured below) is still missing as of 10:36 AM today. 2013_Lingzi_Lu

A friend of Miss Lu posted this message on Facebook at around 9:30 AM this morning: “The girl Lingzi Lu went missing during the Marathon game yesterday. All we know is that another girl who accompanied her was seriously injured. So anybody in hospitals, if you ever saw this girl, please tell us. Thank you so much!” Miss Lu is a graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology, Class of 2012. She is currently a graduate student at BU majoring in statistics. She went to watch the 117th Boston Marathon with her friend Miss Zhou, also a graduate student at BU. Miss Zhou was a graduate of Wuhan University in central China.

If you have information about Miss Lingzi Lu, please call Mayor’s Hotline: 617-635-4500


Your Truly, Miss Chinatown

10 Apr

To see how the story goes, there is the link.


Wangting Qu:You Exist In My Song

27 Mar

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Study Abroad: A Wise Investment?

27 Mar

A survey shows that about 410,000 Chinese students went abroad to study in 2012, which is higher than the number of 340,000 in 2011, althought the starting salary for a Chinese student who returns after graduation from a foreign college was as low as 3000 RMB.

The teaching style and method is an important reason why Chinese students want to study abroad. Unlike the one-way teaching method in most Chinese classrooms, “There is more space for you to do something you are really interested in,” said Yan Lu, who was accepted as a graduate student by the Journalism School of Missouri in 2010.

Beyond receiving a degree from a world-famous university, Chinese students are attracted to the opportunity to study and live independently. Because of the one-child policy which has been conducted since late 1970, most children born in 1980s and 1990s are labeled as a generation who cannot live alone.

Parents have arranged everything for their children, including education, work, and even housing. Lv could have the opportunity to be accepted by Tsinghua University as a graduate student without any examination two years ago, but she decided to give it up. “I hope to have the chance to learn to solve some problems by myself,” Lv said. Studying abroad did bring her a lot of those opportunities. “I learned how to drive, how to buy my first car and how to move to a new apartment,” Lv said. “It is exhausting sometimes, but I enjoy it.”

For the early Chinese international students went abroad in 1980s, studying abroad cost them not only a lot of money, but also a large amount of courage because they could hardly get information of the life they were going to face in advance. Now students can search schools’ information through internet, as well as go to visit the colleges they are interested in.

Minggan Wei joined a summer campus to visit several cities in America when he was in the second year of high school. Although he had been here for only a week, Wei made his decision to study in an American college when he went back to Beijing. “I know this is the place which matches my expectation of colleges,” Wei said.

Some students take advantage of the applying process to have a better understanding of the colleges they have interest in. Instead of contracting with an education agency, Zhenlong Zhao, a Ph.D. candidate in MIT, completed the application by himself. “It took me a large amount of time to look for the ideal schools, to know the requirements of different schools, and to prepare all the materials requried by each school,” Zhao said. “But when I finished all the work, I had a better knowledge of these schools.”

In terms of the future, some Chinese international students don’t expect a high salary which can help them earn the tuitions back soon. “I am just a student who just graduate from a university. I never think I have something special compared with other Chinese graduates,” Lv said. “For me, it is the experience that matters.”


Tao Kai:The Headmaster of Cambridge Chinese School

27 Mar

Tao Kai, who has been the headmaster of Cambridge Chinese School for 17 years, talks about her stories.

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