A Series of Documentary about Boston Chinatown

10 Apr

Just found a series of documentary films about the Chinatown in Boston, produced by the Asian Community Development Corporation.

If you are interested in knowing more about Chinatown, here is the link to the documentary films.



Chinatown, It’s not Just Food

10 Apr

Producer: Mike Blockstein

Editor: David Lawrence

A Chinatown Banquet is a series of short educational films about Boston Chinatown, sparking learning and dialogue across generations, disciplines and geography.  The Banquet offers an unprecedented glimpse into the history, culture, and character of the neighborhood.  This multimedia project highlights the Asian American experience and Chinese culture in Boston and was created as an educational tool by youth in the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC or AsianCDC) Young Leaders Network (YLN) which has grown to become A-VOYCE (Asian Voices of Organized Youth for Community Empowerment). These “courses,” offering a rich view of the forces that shaped and continue to influence Chinatown, consist of audio and video interviews with community members and others who offer insight into specific issues, interspersed with contemporary and historic footage, images and information, music and ambient sounds. As a part of the Chinatown Heritage Project, the Banquet is a compendium of Chinatown’s history, political struggles, culture and physical environment and living conditions.


Your Truly, Miss Chinatown

10 Apr

To see how the story goes, there is the link.

To truly experience Chinese cuisine by using chopsticks

1 Apr

If you don’t specially ask for a pair of chopsticks, a lot of Chinese restaurants in America will only offer you forks and spoons. Although you can enjoy the delicious with the help of these tools, you will never experience the authentic taste of eating Chinese food without using chopsticks, because it is an important part of eating culture in China. Using chopsticks needs the cooperation of your fingers and it is not easy for beginners. In fact, Chinese are not born to know how to use chopsticks, and they also need practice. There are some tips that teaches you how to use chopsticks. Maybe next time when you go to a Chinese restaurant, you can ask for a pair of chopsticks proudly.



Sichuan Boiled Spicy Fish

31 Mar

I can still remember the first time I ate this dish in a Sichuan restaurant newly opened near my home.  The fish was so hot that I could not stop eating it. My family all love spicy food even though we live in Nanking where most of the people prefer sweet food. If you love this dish like me, let’s spend some time together and make the dish by ourselves.


First Lady: Liyuan Peng

28 Mar

Liyuan Peng, a famous Chinese folk song singer and the current First Lady of China, not only overshadowed her husband’s momentum during their first public travel, but also caused a new fashion trend in China. Without LV, Chanel or Prada, these luxurious bands, Chinese ladies can also be the most eye-catching spot. No matter where she stands, you just cannot ignore her.

pengPeng 1-xinhua netpeng 2-xinhua netpeng 4peng 6


You Are The One

27 Mar

Are you interested in Chinese blind date? You Are The One will let you have a glance at Chinese blind date, and this TV program is very popular among Chinese, both in mainland China and overseas Chinese communities.

support English caption, just click”cc” and choose the language you want

To see more episodes of this TV program

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