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My first New Year in Boston

27 Mar



Without fireworks and chopsticks, Chinese can still celebrate their spring festival, the Chinese New Year. On Feb. 02, 2013, Greater Boston Chinese Culture Association celebrated their new year in Sheraton, Framingham. Everyone is very busy because there is no the tradition of spring festival, but getting together, eating, talking and dancing are still an essential part for Chinese people overseas to celebrate the festival.

Although the atmosphere here is not as strong as that in China, people still want to sit together and prepare some performance to celebrate it. You can feel the passion through these performance and then you will know how important the Spring Festival is to Chinese people


World Pashion Show (most of our models are over 70s, some of them are near 90s

Six days before the coming of the 2013 Spring Festival, I decided to go outside and experience the atmostphere of the new year in Boston. The first place came to my mind is Chinatown. I think it should be the place full of the new year’s sense in a foreign country. I also planned several questions to ask people when I was taking the orange line. But when I got out of the T station, I was kind of disappointed. Everything was just like the usually except for the extremely cold and heavy wind that day. Then I told myself that it was not the center of Chinatown, and there must be much better.

Of course, I knew I was lying to myself. Like aunt Miranda told me the other day, people here are so busy that they don’t have time to prepare for the festival. The place is not big, and people just hurried to their destinations. I even could not stop a person to ask the questions I prepared on the train. Fine, I continued to walk along the streets and tried to find some signs of the new year. I watched carefully because I thought people would have pasted the new year scrolls on the windows or doors. Unfortunately, I only found one glass door which had an old new year scroll on it. “OK, maybe it is because all the buildings here are for business so people may have decorated their homes already,” I told myself and tried to find some stores that sells those stuff with the new year sense, such as the red envelops and scrolls. This time I was pretty lucky that I found one small store at a corner of the intersections of two streets.

“Can I take a picture of these?” I asked the owner. He, a 50s Chinese immigrants, turned his head, and said yes two seconds later. In fact, all the products about the new year only have four to five day’s life. “When the new year is over, no one will buy those things any more,” the owner says. According to the owner, who has been in America for over 2o years, celebrating the new year only means a better dinner with families because most people still have to work that day.


Feb. 10, 2013  The Sudden Storm, Good or Bad?

A sudden storm hit Boston through Friday to Saturday. Before the storm’s coming, a lot of schools and companies closed and people got a day off on Friday. The food storing on Thursday evening or Friday morning for Chinese people in Boston means not only a fighting with the storm, but an unexpected welfare to prepare for the Luner New Year on Feb. 10.



Although the snow stopped on Saturday afternoon, the influence did not stopped. Manlin Luo, a MIT researcher, planned to make dumplings with her children to celebrate the New Year. “But the strom blocked our way,” Luo says. They cancelled their celebration on Saturday afternoon and evening. Since this year’s Spring Festival is on weekend. A friend, who is studying in England, was planning to take a Friday flight to Boston, and spend the most important Chinese festival with his wife, who is pursuing a degree in America. However, all flights were cancelled on Friday. Now they can do nothing but waiting. My boyfriend and I planned to see this couple on Saturday and celebrate the new year with them. We have thought of the food and the entertainment for that evening. But now we can only stay at home and eat the food left in fridge.

The storm ruined a lot of people’s New Year Eve’s activities. But a good news is that the New Year’s celebration has not finished. In fact, the celebration will not stop until end of February. Because the following celebrations, such as  a series of New Year related festivals, have not come yet. Don’t be depressed, the new year celebration is still on.


Feb. 11, 2013

To know Chinese New Year through the beautiful sand art. It is really amazing!



New Year Wishes from Hult

27 Mar

2013 New Year wishes from Hult Boston.


UMASS New Year Celebration

27 Mar

The 2013 Spring Festival Celebration held by UMass Boston Confucius Institute on Feb. 11, 2013.


New Year in Pictures

27 Mar

Seven Days of Chinese New Year in Beautiful Pictures

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